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November 6, 2013 – 04:17 pm

FREE Issue: Kraft Whats Cooking Magazine | Freebies

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Free cooking magazines

I have a lot of old cooking magazines that I'd rather give away than put in the recycling bin, if anyone is interested. They're mostly from the last 8 years, mostly in good shape, and include Saveur, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and Gourmet.
I live in the Los Altos area; you'd need to pick them up.

Unemployed, but here's how to cook cheaply

Bear in mind that by the time someone is out of college, they've often built up a stock of basic kitchen supplies and a pantry, so that helps cut down expenses a little.
Cooking shows and restaurant food often use a LOT of ingredients, and fancy ones at that. Good home cooking need not be so complicated.
Check out "America's Test Kitchen" for an example:
"Resurrecting Roast Beef dinner" - with the focus on taking a very cheap cut of beef and some potatoes and parsnips and turning simple, inexpensive ingredients into something delicious.

Get a big (12 or 14") ball to

Roll back and forth to her.
Look at pictures of her family and talk about old times. Try to be the one to ask the questions so she can be the one to say whatever she can say. :o)
Look at pictures from various magazines. Cooking, adventuring, sports, National Geographic, sewing, etc. Sometimes people post free magazines in the Free section on CL, or maybe you can get donated ones cheap at your local library or thrift shop. Borrow a selection of old magazines from a library. Try to find out what she's interested in. Work related ideas are ideal (incl

Check, I have used the site

For quite a few magazines and always save money. I was paying $29.95 a year for MaximumPC for 3 years, then a friend suggested got it for $10 a year. They have Cooking light for $16 a year instead of the usual $18, and they have a buy 2 get 1 free offer right now. You might not have to pare down the number of mags you get, maybe get more for less. The way they work is they make bulk purchases of subscriptions, the bummer is it might take 2 months before you get your first issue. If you plan ahead they are a great buy. Also they don't auto-renew your account.

Do NOT buy the all clad roaster

If you like to use the roaster on a stove to prepare sauces from the drippings you may notice a nasty ring or dimpling indicating your stove burner was there on the inside of the pan. The ring is unsightly, but the dimple makes for uneven cooking. Many cook magazines have pointed this out.
The steamer insert is great if you get it for free. I LOVE my steamer. My only complaint is that it is too small for large artichokes as well as long asparagus spears. (I have the reverse complaint about my Williams-Sonoma mandoline. However, that's best left to another thread.)

Fashion and Luxury Magazine L'Officiel Now Published by MaXposure Media ..  — Business Wire India
Currently distributed in nearly 70 countries, L'Officiel is the doyenne of French women's fashion magazines. The magazine has been re-launched with an October issue, which is now on stands.

Armour's Monthly Cook Book, Volume 2, No. 12, October 1913 A Monthly Magazine of Household Interest
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